How does it work?


Fill out the contact form with your request


We will schedule a case analysis meeting to make sure we are a good fit


We start working together

The Case Analysis Meeting

We give you legal advice from day 1. Your first meeting is not a “quicky” conversation. You will spend up to an hour talking to a lawyer who will analyze your case and provide you legal advice and guidance, so even if we don’t end up representing you in your case, you will have a roadmap for going forward.

How we bill?

We almost exclusively charge for our services using flat or fixed fees.

The most important thing on your mind when you call us is securing your immigration status or the immigration status of someone you love. We get it.  We also get that you want to know how much your case will cost.

We won’t hide the ball.  We will tell you what your case will cost after your first meeting, and, with very limited exceptions, you can be assured that you will only pay that amount.

Why do we use flat fees ?

Because you don’t want any surprises, and you don’t need any more stress right now!

With flat fees, you know what you will pay. And you know that we will work quickly and efficiently on your case, so that we don’t waste time and lose money.

We do offer some, limited, payment plan options, but since almost all of our work will be completed within the first couple of months of representation, we also expect that our fees will be paid in that time.